Baby Care In Winter

After hot humid months, cold winter brings much needed respite. Winter brings cold and along with winter diseases such as cough, sneeze and flu. The bodies of babies are gentle and sensitive. Mothers are always worried in the start of winter season and feel very tense about their babies. A wise mother has to do some extra efforts to comfort her baby in winter season if common cold strikes and should take care for maintaining the health of her baby in proper way.

Naturally boost your baby’s immunity by breast feeding. Dehydration is a common side effect of winter diseases. Sore throats and stuffy noses can make it difficult for a baby to drink. Give your baby plenty of breast milk or formula milk. Ensure your baby’s vaccinations are up to date to protect him from viruses and bacteria. Keep your baby away from sick people and avoid going to crowded places as most of the winter diseases Baby Clothesare spread through coughs, sneezes and by direct contact. In winter season, the cold air directly enters the body through ears and nose. The body of the babies gets affected any time through this open body parts. Their body may catch cold which then results into cough or fever. So, while going out door with babies, this fact should be kept in mind to cover the babies properly and comfortably in warm clothes including head and ears. The feet of the babies should be covered with soft woolen made shoes.

In places where it is very cold and there is snow fall, you should have different precautions and care for the babies. A snow suit or bunting provides a better protection against cold and snow. Once the baby is dressed in his outfit for the day, you can simply slip him into the snowsuit or bunting just before you go out door. Snow suits have form fitting legs and arms and are equipped with hoods, while buntings are like little sleeping bags, with a seam between the legs. A soft hat or cap can help to keep out the cold. The palm and fingers of the baby should not be exposed in cold winter season. For safety you can put mittens on their hands. Once you go in door even if it is just for a few minutes, you should take at least one layer off your baby so that he will not perspire. Otherwise, the dampness will make him sick.

Giving bath to a baby is a matter of great concern for parents. While giving them bath do not over do baths in winter with lot of soap and water because this can dry out the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Use mild baby soap and warm water when bathing your baby. One should not use very hot water. You can have alternate between proper bath and sponge bath for new born babies as they do not get dirty in winter. Diapers should be changed frequently as the urine output is usually more in winter and if the baby remains wet for a longer time can have cold.

Skin of the baby is usually very sensitive. The skin care products which are rich in vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E should be applied regularly. Massaging a new born baby in winter can improve his blood circulation and help build his immunity. Proper oil based moisturizer should be used for protecting the skin of the baby in getting dry in cold winter season. If you apply body cream or baby oil, rub your hands briskly together to warm them up first, then keep the cream or oil on your palms for a few seconds so that it warms up to your body temperature and then apply it to the baby. In many places most of the mothers use mustard oil on their baby as it warms the body of the baby. If you find the smell of mustard oil too strong then you can change to some other oil. Some babies have skin allergy if used mustard oil on their body. It is advisable to use baby oil on them.

Winter can be difficult time if your baby suffers from cold and flu. The foods your baby takes may have an impact on how well is his immune system. Feeding your baby whole grain infant cereal instead of cereals made with rice or refined flour provides the baby with more nutrients for a stronger immune system. Cereals made with oats, millet and buckwheat contains more beneficial iron and vitamin B for preventing winter time illness. Vegetables such as carrots supply the baby with vitamins and minerals that keep the baby’s immune system functioning properly and the baby can fight off winter time cold and flu. Vegetables such as sweet potatoes, green beans and peas are additional choice that can help to boost the baby’s winter immunity.  A little more care in winter for your baby can keep the baby safe and healthy.






Essential Baby Products That You Shouldn’t Forget

Today the market of baby products is vast enough to meet all your requirements

I am a housewife.  My main occupation is running the home; caring for and educating my children, cooking and storing food, buying goods my family needs in day to day life, cleaning and maintaining the home, so on and so forth.  But, of all these, baby caring job which includes feeding, bathing, dressing up, and many more seems to me to be the most exciting and adventurous any new mom can testify better for that matter.  I am in mid-50.  Both of my sons are adolescents.  My worries are quite different from a newborn mom.  Like any loving mother, I can still remember those great moments of emotion; love and happiness.  But, to be faithful, those initial days of my motherhood were also not without worries and concerns, not as easy and simple as most may misconceive.   In fact, I struggled to collect just a single item needed for my baby as an inexperienced and new mom in those trying times.  And, I attribute all of those woes of mine only and only to the reason of lack of adequate supply of baby products in those days.

A few days ago, I had an opportunity to be present in a baby shower party and was surprised to see heaps of gift items which mostly included baby products.  To be very frank, I envy modern new moms when I could see the huge supply of baby products they have at their command; ready to serve and make their job easy, smooth and comfortable.  The vast range of baby products available abundantly in the market offer great alternatives and enable them to make a choice.  However, as a well wisher and an experienced mother, I think, I can help my fellow younger moms in need of guidance on choosing essential baby products.  Though you can add any number as the sky is the limit so far as huge supply of baby products is concerned, here I suggest a few which are basic and essential for a new born baby.  However, you can also find most of them to be great ideas for a baby shower, baby gifts and baby birthday parties.

Baby Bottle Warmer

Let us start with baby bottle warmers.  Obviously, health and hygiene of your baby are most important things you need to be careful about.  Much of their health and hygiene depends on what they eat and drink.  Baby bottles are the most used item as small babies drink often and more; and you need to clean and sterilize the bottles accordingly.  Baby bottle warmer is the easily perceivable essential item your baby must have.  But, be happy; for you have a great supply of modern baby bottle warmers to select from.  They are easy and convenient to use alleviating much of your worries and pains.  Thanks to the care, your baby grows healthier and stronger.

Baby Clothing

When it comes to keep babies warm, secure and contented, mothers need no lessons as they know what is good for their babies.  They have nine months of experience and knowledge.   However, it can safely be held that baby clothing is most essential and first important product for baby care.  As long as a baby is in the mother’s womb, it receives the nature care and protection.  But, soon after the baby is born, it is exposed to the outside conditions.  It takes time to adjust and get accustomed to the new environment.   Nevertheless, a baby needs the same warmth, safety and comfort to grow healthy.  As such, extra care needs to be taken especially regarding their skin sensitivity while buying clothes for your baby.  Rashes and other skin conditions are very common among the newborn babies.  As intelligent mothers, you need to go for softy cotton clothes for it is the best suitable material for your baby’s skin.

Baby Diapers

If you are an expecting mom, never forget to add baby diapers to the list of essential baby care products a newborn mom must have.  Ask any mother, they will invariably suggest that these are the things you will need most.  That is why, during baby shower parties, experienced people are seen presenting baby diaper cakes to the would-be mothers.   Would-be moms may not realize the importance of those gifts immediately, but, soon they will find them very useful and essential.  Luckily, nowadays, a newborn mom has the option of two kinds of diapers in the market which are cloth diapers and disposable diapers.  She can prefer either or both of them as per the occasion.  However, both the items are eco-friendly and beneficial for your child.

Baby Sling

The next important baby product is the baby sling.  As you know babies love to sleep in a particular type of position which is called the utero type position.  Baby slings are designed in such a way to provide the same comfort and protection to your babies.  These are very easy to use and one piece simple products; without any strings, ties and other fasteners.  These are also great for occasions when you need to go about your regular activities.

If you think intuitively from the point of view of your baby’s health, hygiene, safety and comfort, you can understand your necessities and decide accordingly as to which baby products are best suitable for your baby.  Encouragingly, today the market of baby products is vast enough to meet all your requirements.